PetroBase Pro is the experts choice for oilfield management software, integrating accounting, production, and operational data in a single environment to give producers a tool for powerful analysis that enables efficient solutions. Workovers can be identified, operational anomalies diagnosed, and the use of record set attachments will virtually digitize your well files.

PetroBase Explorer is a valuable tool for anyone in the oil & gas industry including geologist, engineers, investors, or office/field personnel interested in Oklahoma, Kansas, or Nebraska well & production data. Explorer derives its data from a variety of sources for users to Monitor offsetting production, track new production & well activity, and export data to 3rd party GIS mapping and production analysis programs.

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PetroBase WellBore Schematic is a shared application for tracking vital data throughout a well’s history. Construct powerful Wellbore Schematics, scaled from key entries such as completion intervals, casing setting depths, cement parameters, tubing data, remedial cement squeezes, fluid levels, and other downhole information for a one page snapshot of the well history.