Kansas PetroBase Explorer

Single User Annual License Agreement $1295 PetroBase Explorer | Kansas Data Package includes:

  • Oil & Gas production data (1990 – Current)
  • Monthly Digital Production and Well data updates
  • Access to KGS Digital Online Data Library
  • Unlimited access to Production & Well Data
  • Infinite Exporting of Production & Well Data
  • Free support and program upgrades

Quickly explore and data mine into Kansas’ 470,000+ oil, gas, salt water disposal, & injection wells along with integrated lease oil & gas production data. Users can quickly explore the state’s leases and wells using advanced searches with criteria including: production rates, cumulative production, annual percent decline, product type, well type & status, operator, field, county, section-township-range, completion date, and lease stop year. After a search has been performed well Header information with production data and formation tops can be exported to 3rd party software systems with the click of a button or data may viewed in Google Earth to show lease & well spot locations and production plots.

Along with the generation of exports users can create operator production plots, lease production plots, normalized type curves, appraisal reports, well reports, and search through the KGS (Kansas Geological Survey) Digital Online Data Library with ease. The data library allows access to a variety of different data types including: log headers, LAS files, scanned logs, core samples, rotary cuttings, tops, DSTs, gas pressures, and various other state reports. In addition, users can create groups to evaluate personal net interests, expense and revenue, royalties, offsetting production, or track new production and well activity.

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